Dear Donald

I wouldn't want to say this around the other girls who took the course with me, but I feel like the WINNER. Maybe they do too, I don't know. I guess I just needed a kick in the pants to get me motivated to do something that I had been contemplating for a year or so.

I don't mean to say that your course is "like a kick in the pants", but without your motivation and reading material, I don't think that I would have come to know this:

1) I am 100 times more than I think I am (how I wish that everyone felt this way)
2) I will always try to be pleasant (when I think about it, I haven't had any disagreements with my husband throughout this whole course. That's worth way more than the $$$)
3) In learning about myself, I have noticed changes in the others around me (bonus).
4) I now have material that I can use to help my friend, Margaret, hopefully to see that she is 100 times more than she thinks she is.
5) You can never have enough friends. I gained another 5 over the past 2 months.

I asked my daughter if she had anything to say about me being in the course. She said that I am less "naggy" now. If that was all I got out of this course, it would have been worth it to her. My husband said that he was "proud of me". Like I said, he is not the most sensitive man, or the most supportive, but in this case, he has been talking about me to his friends, promoting my business.

I would just like to say Thank you Donald for all of your time and committment to us girls. I think I say for all of us that we are all better off for having taken this "Awaken" course from you.

Thanks again

K. Richard

Mr B. Jarrat,

The object of this letter is to inform you of my experience with the Cinema Circle course called Awaken, held for 8 weeks of Mar-April/09.

Having just completed the course, I couldn't postpone my experience and thoughts, for fear that the lack of writing to you, would hinder it's existence for future planning.

Some words, I feel that describe the course, would be: enlightening, powerful, soul searching, emotional, developmental, analytical, interactive, challenging, rewarding, relaxing and embracing. Although that seems like a mouthful, I can assure you it was difficult for me to eliminate 12 other descriptive words which held deep meaning.

I've attended numerous courses, which were taught by a wide variety of persons, about a number of human development and self awareness topics, but none held the depth of meaning as the "Awaken" course.

Donald Carty has something to be very proud of achieving. He was meant to do this work! Oh yes - his planning and pre-planning were well thought through. His people skills are remarkably considerate and kind - to a degree of selflessness. Just a wonderful person, inside and out.

Self transformation happens immediately with a course like this, and an instructor like Donald. There is just no denying the feelings that happen within one's self. I would (if I could) recommend this course to be held as part of all High Schools Curriculum, Pre-marital Planning, Workplace Seminars and all Human Relation planning. It truly is THAT powerful.

For myself, personally, I have "Awakened" to a new start and a fresh way of looking at the world in which I live. I am so blessed to have been afforded the opportunity to attend. I met new friends, so wonderful and individual in their own right – and the connection is very real and alive! We've shared negative and positive emotions with respect to and in respect of one another's circumstances.

Lastly, Mr Jarrat, I want to thank you for supporting such a wonderful and worthwhile course in Oromocto, through Leisure services. If this course is offered again in the Fall, I will certainly return to affirm my aspirations and inspirations. Many people have yet to experience the worthiness and value of attending a course of this caliber. Thank you.

With much appreciation,
Jacqueline G.
Burton, NB

Dear Mr Donald Carty,

You absolutely "hit the nail on the head" with this wonderful course! Learning for me is not easy, just based on oral presentation alone. Teaching, through watching films, opened my enthusiasm and excitement once again. As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words" - well, because I learn best that way, it was priceless to me. Looking back, most of life's valuable lessons were all learned from observing things taking place in the world, not from listening, so much.

All my senses were brought alive. I felt rejuvenated, exhilarated, sympathetic, at peace, powerful, inspired, compassionate and so much more. My aura must have reached beyond the walls of the class building, for that's how great I felt during your classes. When I stop to consider everything about the Course individually, I am even more amazed. Our class students were incredible, weren't they? Everyone shared their emotions openly, without fear of being judged and they were all so giving, accepting and tolerant of one another's individualism. I did not want it to end.

The classroom was brought alive by the attendees, the films & the Instructor. I so much appreciated your non-expecting ways, your attention to detail - for the enormous amount of work you had prepared, and for your personal growth experiences which you shared with us. I know no one with a perfect life. "Life is WHY you choose to live it and HOW you choose to change it". Then, we can "awaken" to a new and start healing. It's like my folks always said, "you can't put the roof on before the foundation's built".

As a human being, I feel totally satisfied with the course material and presentation. My personal growth experience was truly amazing. I became more aware of how powerful I really am. I know I can step outside my boundaries, feeling comfortable and unafraid to face whatever's unknown. Goals are attainable by everyone who reaches out and tries.

My husband & I now share an "affirmation note" each morning, with a glass of orange juice, to which we give thanks and thought. Many affirmations are now embedded in my brain as a testament to the over whelming powers from which the Course left. Once again, I feel my whole body is now opened to a world of endless possibilities, in a more rich and rewarding way.

Overall, I have to acknowledge, "Awaken" has deeply impacted the way in which I see others and the way in which I see myself. Most of all I feel more connected because I now can let go of things that have no place in my future happiness. I thank you and "Awaken" for playing that special role in my life and for helping me to see I am capable of changing "that which I fear most".

I definitly look forward to attending the Fall Course. We must stay in touch. May you have a great summer.

May your energy heal you.

With Many Thanks,
E. Greenwood