People take many different paths to find their inner selves. Some go to workshops, others read books, and some are searching for more than a book or workshop can give them. They are searching for an experience that will enlighten their soul and start them on their path.

Your experience at an awaken seminar, or public speaking program will revolutionize your life forever.

Some program themes...
· Beliefs and Perceptions
· Thoughts, Behaviours and Actions
· Personal Transformation
· Art and Science of Change
· Imagination and Creativity
· Inspiration
· Substance and Process Addiction
· Letting Go
· The Stranger Within
· Resolutions to Reality
· The Subconscious Mind
· Self Image
· The Law of Attraction
· Shift Happens
· Beyond Belief - a new reality   

We all strive to improve ourselves personally and professionally every day. We try to find ways to tap into our hidden potential, break through barriers related to old patterns of behaving and thinking and struggle to get past the challenges of relationships at work and at home.

We have the answers we are seeking already inside but at times we just need an outside influence to help us identify what we truly want.

Awaken's seminars and speaking programs will give you the tools to help you find the answers you are seeking. The majority of the content focuses on attitudes, behaviors and breaking old patterns of thoughts so we can see new and different results in our lives.

Every step of the way you have the power of choice; you have the power to change and you have the power to transform.

Some reasons and benefits;
· You get a master keynote expert who has decades of in-depth, hands-on experience with international groups and people of all walks of life.
· We understand what it takes to keep your people engaged.
· You get an expert who brings a fresh perspective to age-old wisdom combined with cutting edge science.
· You will release beliefs that do not support who you are becoming giving you a new outlook on life that will energize you to be as effective as you can be while enjoying peace of mind.

As with all of Donald’s programs, each of his keynotes will be customized to fit the unique needs and challenges of your specific audience. Each keynote is approximately 15-60 minutes in length, but can be adjusted as needed. Fees range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the length of the program, location, travel and expenses. Training is billed per seminar, not per person.

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